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Remote access to real time performance

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ITECH Corporation has added new features to its iview real time plant performance monitoring and reporting software, enabling the instant remote access of critical data.

According to Itech's managing director, Nick Fondas, the new features bring iview to a new level of usability.

"In speaking about the product with many manufacturers, one of the most common requests was for remote access to the information," said Mr Fondas.

"Some companies wanted their maintenance engineers to have access, seeing instantly the nature of downtime events, their frequency and their duration.

“Other companies wanted production planners and schedulers to be able to adjust their forward shifts in accordance of what was happening at the time, rather than in response to an historical report."

Remote access with iview version 1.2 is achieved by system architecture that links the iview runtime terminals with a web server that can be accessed by remote users such as executive management, manufacturing management, engineers and sales/marketing personnel via a webviewer.

The web viewer windows include job status overview, job summary by production line, asset downtime overview, production performance by machine and an overview of production shift performance. Personalised displays can also be customised.

"This is a very customisable and scalable solution that allows management to see exactly what the performance of their production lines are at the stroke of a key," said Mr Fondas.

"Whilst the efficiency of a production line is the responsibility, in general, of the plant manager, the performance of that line is the lifeblood of many companies, so it is increasingly important for management to know what's happening in real time."

Configurable to suit customer-specific needs, iview is described as three products in one. It is a tool that measures performance against KPI (key performance indicators), a tool that delivers critical information to production equipment operators, and a tool that quantifies and qualifies downtime events.

Through its MS-SQL database, and its open architecture, iview also easily integrates with other systems such as ERP, and runs on Microsoft Windows NT, 2000 and XP.

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