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ITECH Corporation has announced the release of the OEE Tool, a low cost software tool for gathering, displaying and reporting information relating to production performance.

The OEE Tool has been designed to conform to the principles of TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) and provides a convenient and consistent method for computing machine level OEE using both the time losses methodology and the high level OEE calculation.

The OEE tool is based on the metrics principles taught by the TPM methodology.

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a useful, but under-utilised metric, in manufacturing. OEE was created by Seiichi Nakajima at Nippon Denso in the late 1960s but only reached the English speaking world on the late 1980s with the translation of his texts.

OEE is measured as a percentage and world class performance is generally viewed as 85% although most companies struggle to reach 60%.

It focuses on waste, on inefficiencies in the manufacturing process; in essence, it focuses on the wasted time when the machine is not producing.

OEE not only considers machine downtime due to poor maintenance programs, but lengthy setups or slow machine throughput.

It also helps managers understand the trade offs between driving equipment as a faster rate, but perhaps suffering poorer yield during the start up phase.

The OEE Tool enables production people or operators to record details associated with scheduled production for a production machine including such parameters as, product, schedule time (start and stop), planned downtime, unplanned downtime, setup time, speed related time losses, waste and yield. From this data it produces an OEE calculation for the day's production.

The product provides a number of graphical reports that can be archived and recalled at any time, including OEE trend, Best Run trend, production time losses, downtime pareto.

OEE is vital element of production management analysis and the OEE Tool simplifies and disciplines the process of computing OEE and trending it over time.

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