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NEOTECH Australia has announced the addition of a hand-held touch panel to its popular 'V6 Series' range of Hakko touch screens. The new hand-held Hakko V6080CH has been developed for situations where a there is a lack of panel space or operator mobility is required.It also incorporates the supporting of a powerful Compact Flash (CF) card that outperforms memcards and SRAM cassettes.

The new V608CH can be used with multiple PLCs, a feature of particular use in applications where an operator needs to control more than one machine from the one screen.

According to Alex Prendergast, general manager for sales for Neotech Australia, this particular touch screen is feature-packed.

"The safety features of the V608CH," says Prendergast, "include as standard an emergency stop switch and, as options, a dead-man switch as well as a key switch that prevents unauthorised use.

"However, we believe that the power and functionality of the CF card feature will also appeal to operators."

Offering more capacity than memcards and SRAM cassettes, the CF card provides up to 192Mb of memory.

This allows it to not only provide standard data sampling and recipe data, but also to store bitmap images, screen files, hardcopy images, and a variety of programs. Additionally, the CF card has a handy memo pad back-up function.

CF cards, adapters and standard cables are all readily available from virtually any electrical store, lowering costs and increasing access to parts.

Hakko Electronics has also released the V609E screen which has been developed with industries such as food in mind, where high intensity of light can pose a problem for operators trying to read data from the screen.

To counter this problem, the V609E boasts an extremely clear and sharp, wide angle black and yellow 8.9" screen that remains readable in even the brightest of environments.

Waterproof covers and protective sheets are available as standard options complying with IP65 and IP20 respectively. Itech Corp 02 9558 2700.

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