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Millenium weighers from Ishida offer accuracy in space restricted areas

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Ishida Commercial Equipment answers questions about space saving weighers.

Do you have weighing equipment that can measure several different sized products when there is no budget or floor space for more than one weigher and packaging line?

Yes. Ishida recommends its big bucket Millennium weigher for this application.

How does the Millennium weigher ensure weighing accuracy with just one line/weigher?

The Millenium weigher’s feature Ishida's unique digital signal processing and vibration filtering systems. They are very accurate and versatile, capable of running at high speeds with a variety of product sizes.

Can you give an example of the weigher in action?

An existing customer, with a Millenium weigher installed, switches between running the line at 120 bpm checking weights of either 5 ounce, or 2 pound bags of chicken nuggets and strips, to checking bags of 8 chicken patties at 90 bpm.

How easy is the Millenium weigher to clean and maintain?

The weighers fully waterproof in construction and are designed to be as easy to maintain as possible. The weigher’s hoppers have no external springs and all contact parts can be removed without the use of tools, helping to reduce cleaning time and costs.

Contact Ishida for more information about its extensive range of specialist weighing equipment, or arrange to trial it at one of the demonstration centres.

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