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Ishida's weigh blending systems deliver precise mix ingredients every time

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Ishida’s weigh blending system is ideal for ensuring maximum precision of ingredients in any blended product.

If the method of pre-blending products is failing to achieve acceptable standards of customer satisfaction, quality control and profitability, then Ishida’s precision weigh blending system offers the perfect solution.

Weigh blending systems enable tight weight control of every ingredient, including more expensive components such as cashews and raisins, to give the desired mix, directly affecting product quality and profitability.

Weight blending involves different heads on the same multi-head weigher being dedicated to each ingredient and its specific target weight. Each of the dedicated parts of the weigher operates as its own scale system for that component throughout the entire process.

The precisely weighed ingredients are combined to the required total target weight, mixed and then expelled together to the packaging machine.

By mixing the components of a blended product together using an Ishida weigher the company can also benefit from reduced customer complaints and a reputation for a quality product.

The correct blend proportion will be achieved for every packet and label requirements will be met without the need to overcompensate for possible segregation of pre-mixed components during distribution to the packaging line.

Ishida’s weight blending systems are ideal for:

  • achieving precise blend proportions
  • improving profitability
  • reducing giveaway of valuable ingredients
  • eliminating pre blend segregation of mix components

  • frozen vegetable mixes
  • snack and nut blends
  • candy or lolly mixes
  • multi-ingredient cereal products
The Ishida weight blenders can be experienced in action at one of Ishida’s demonstration centres. Visit the website to find out more information.

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