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Staticworx EC rubber flooring now available in Australia from Irubber

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Irubber  presents a new range of rubber flooring offering electrostatic dissipative and conductive characteristics.
Long considered as an invisible and silent threat, the issue of ESD or electrostatic discharge is becoming a matter of concern for data centres, emergency call centres and other mission-critical environments. Smaller electronic components are creating much greater risks for electronic hardware manufacturers as well as end users.
Staticworx EC rubber flooring, introduced by Irubber in the Australasian market offers one of the highest protection ratings against electrostatic charge in these environments.
Staticworx EC rubber flooring comes with a lifetime warranty against static charge. In addition to offering long-term durability and easy cleaning, Staticworx EC can also contribute to Greenstar points for Green Star buildings.
Staticworx EC rubber flooring has been installed by leading corporations in the USA including Rockwell, HP, Honeywell, Sony, Apple, Google, Intel, Motorola and NASA. Some of the earliest installations in Australia include an engineering company manufacturing commercial passenger jet engine parts for Boeing as well as an electronics company, Agilent Technologies’ data centre in Melbourne where 33 rolls of the EC ESD Eclipse Presto Rubber range will be installed.
Staticworx EC rubber flooring is available in rolls of 15m x 1.2m x 2mm or tiles of 610mm x 610mm x 2mm in a choice of three standard colours of grey speckle, cream speckle and blue speckle. The tiles can be used over access panels but also can be mounted on the Staticworx snap-together Conductive Base. The exclusively made Groundtack conductive graphite impregnated adhesive comes with a copper grounding strip as standard.

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