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Recycled rubber floor tiles supplied by Ecorubber

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Ecorubber  specialises in sustainable and environmental friendly rubber floor tiles. Ecorubber offers glow-in-the-dark right-angled aluminium step nosing to be used in exit ways, stairways and other path finding applications. An extra non slip surface is also made available by Ecorubber that supplements the steps with non slip properties. Quick tank that is portable rainwater tank is also provided by Ecorubber. Quick tank is apt for aquaculture, emergency storage, irrigation rainwater collection and much more. Quick tank offered by Ecorubber are cost effective, lightweight and easy to assemble products.

Tuflex recycled rubber floor tiles are also provided by Ecorubber. Tuflex tiles are constructed of resilient, tough, predominantly recycled rubber. These tiles supplied by Ecorubber are tough enough to withstand the damage from ice skate blades, golf shoes, dropped weights, baseball and football cleats and more. Tuflex recycled rubber floor tiles supplied by Ecorubber are made by using patented vulcanisation process and employs predominantly recycled rubber that contains 99 per cent recycled content.

Furthermore, Ecorubber also offers Rop-cord walk-off entryway recycled rubber tiles. Rop-cord tiles offered by Ecorubber are composed of recycled truck and bus tyres. Rop-cord tiles are environmental friendly and durable anti-slip flooring products. Rop-cord tiles provided by Ecorubber are apt flooring for ramps, concourses and foyers, walk-off mats, damp and wet spaces.

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