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IRONPORT Systems has released the second generation of its reputation filters. They allow ISPs to stop spam from originating in their networks.

In an effort to thwart first-generation reputation-based spam filtering systems, spammers have created zombies or computers that have been infected with a virus and then hijacked to send spam. These zombies are most often found in the large IP ranges of consumer broadband ISPs such as cable operators and DSL providers.

The second-generation reputation system analyses more than 50 different parameters from more than 50,000 participating networks. The data is analysed and used to develop a reputation score for any given sender on the Internet. This score is made available to the IronPort email security appliances which can rate limit a given sender based on their score. The more suspicious a sender appears, the slower they go.

IronPort's Reputation Filters stop spam before the message is received, increasing the effective throughput of mail servers and incoming bandwidth by more than 400%. This allows email administrators to handle 400% more incoming mail with existing infrastructure, protecting their investment and reducing the need for more capital equipment to keep up with the growing volumes of spam.

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