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article image Compact Optidrive variable speed drive.

DOVERS has released the Compact Optidrive, a new variable speed drive that utilises a recently developed technology for printing electronic circuits and components onto metal base plates.

The Compact Optidrive, designed for OEM customers, uses a new technology where electronic components are mounted directly to a stainless steel plate. This can then be mounted to the enclosure to provide cooling in a space efficient way.

Featuring a robust, lightweight and compact design, the unit has good thermal management properties and a high vibration rating for harsh environmental conditions.

The Compact Optidrive has pluggable control terminals, faston power terminals and also features an IR port for rapid parameter setup via hand-held pc or palmtop. Installation is simple and rapid, using a single clamping fastener.

The inverter specification is based on the Optidrive range, but unlike the Optidrive range, it has in built dynamic braking transistor and resistor, optional internal RFI filter, internal 24V power supply for periphery circuits or components and no internal display or keypad.

The power supply is 380 to 480V ac three phase, with power from 0.75kW to 1.5kW, current at 2.1A or 4.1A, and overload 150% for 60s.

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