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Enhancements to Optidrive Plus 3GV and VTC

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Optidrive V2.0 software performance and functionality:

* RJ11 data communication interface now standard on all drives.

* Improved motor stability in vector mode when in overload at and above base speed.

* Output switching frequency includes “Auto” mode – this allows the drive to use the minimum available switching frequency according to the maximum output speed (P1-01). Specifically aimed at high speed applications where higher switching frequencies are necessary.

* P2-01 extended to give additional digital input & output options. Including PTC Thermistor input now supported.

* Both motor current and motor torque available via analog output on 3GV.

* Improved spin-start on larger motors – typically on Sizes 4 and above.

* VTC fire mode now disables over and under temperature trips in addition to previous trips.

MODBUS Communication

* Modbus RTU available as standard in VTC, optional in 3GV as a field upgrade using PDA. Drive type identified as 3GV, 3GVM or VTC in parameter P2- 40. When Modbus implemented in 3GV , User PID and spin-start are no longer available.

Modbus RTU implementation supports the following:

* Stop, Reset, set speed, set torque (torque ).

* Set Accel / Decel ramps (P1-03, P1-04), select 2nd decel ramp.

* Monitor (read) drive status, speed, current, power and torque.

Fieldbus Communications

* Optidrive Plus 3GV and VTC connects to high speed communication networks via a gateway. Profibus DP & DeviceNet protocols now supported via Modbus RTU interface on drive and can connect up to 4 drives per gateway.

OPTISTORE PLUS - PC programming tool

* Optistore is a Windows application program for pc’s, allowing quick and accurate communication with Optidrive networks for parameter management and network monitoring.

* Now supports transfer of motor parameters to PC – used for drive cloning (OEMs).

* Backwards compatibility with previous software versions.

* Languages now supported: English, German.

Invertek maintains the right to change product specifications at any time as part a continuous improvement program.

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