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Multi-input hardware MPEG4 video encoder

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article image Inventa’s MPEG4 Video Encoder.

INVENTA Australia has released a highly-customisable professional-quality Multi-Input Hardware MPEG4 Video Encoder PCI card family named S26X, that can be used in various real-time video and audio capture applications.

Designed around high-performance/low-heat-generating Texas-Instrument DSP chipset and on-board firmware programming, S26X uses H.264/MPEG4-Part10 encoding algorithm to compress incoming video and audio in real-time on board the capture card.

It achieves high-quality video simultaneously from all of its 4, 8 or 16 video input ports, while consuming minimum host PC resources.

Multiple cards (up to 8-per-PC if enough slots are available) can be used on the same PC, allowing maximum 64 simultaneous main video channels (plus sub-channels), to be captured on one PC, all with synchronised audio.

Advanced features of S26X include:

* High-quality multi-channel video preview on PC screen: with moderate PC hardware, dozens of high-quality smooth-playing video windows can be opened on a PC's screen, not a single jittering or staggering in any of the windows at any time. Single window full-screen or different numbers of video windows can all be easily user-defined.

* Real-time synchronised video display completely in sync with the incoming video and audio signal: S26X allows synchronised video preview all the time on all of its video channels simultaneously on PC's screen. There are no visually noticeable delays between the actual incoming video and the PC's video display. One channel's audio (user selectable) can also be heard in perfect synchronisation with its video.

* High-quality video in low bit rate: using advanced H.264 MPEG4-Profile-10(AVC) algorithm, which has emerged as the leading new codec for future multimedia encoding mechanism in wide range of video capture applications, S26X can achieve the same or better quality video using less than half or a-third of the bit rate of MPEG2 hardware encoding devices, simultaneously on its multiple video channels.

* Dynamic adjusting fundamental encoding parameters during capture: unlike MPEG1 or MPEG2 hardware encoding chipset or ASIC-based surveillance video capture cards, S26X allows dynamic change of crucial encoding parameters during the video capture process - video frame sizes, frame rates, bit rates, GOP structures, key-frame intervals and motion-detection sensitivity can all be changed in real-time without stopping video capture or opening new video files.

This makes it possible, for example, to real-time increase (manually or automatically) the video capture quality (ie on a zoomed-in camera) without disturbing the continuous video recording, which is impossible on most other surveillance capture devices. S26X 's video playback software will automatically adapt to any of these changed parameters without stopping or pausing the playback process.

* Sub-channel encoding allows video from each camera to be encoded in multiple formats or multiple video files: because of its powerful and flexible DSP processing, each incoming video channel can be encoded in several different methods, into different video files, simultaneously in real-time - this is extremely useful for multi-format playback applications.

* Flexible text and graphics overlay allows any text or graphics to be placed on any position of the captured or previewed video in real-time: no disturbance of the video recording at all.

* Advanced Water-mark Integrity Checking mechanism built-in: videos recorded can be checked against hidden water-marks (embedded throughout the recorded video) to prove their originality. Any section changed or cut out will be notified - highly useful in anti-tempering applications.

* Multi-channel in dynamic multiple configuration: every video channel on S26X can be configurated differently in real-time, to create a super flexible video surveillance system.

* Arbitrary manipulation of the recorded video files. Unlike MPEG1 or MPEG2 encoding, the S26X-recorded MPEG4 video streams can be easily manipulated on the fly, allowing real-time video cut/paste/join editing operation to be accomplished without affecting the recorded video quality and audio/video synchronisation.

Special requirements such as pausing then re-starting the capture into the same video file and masking out video noise around frame edges can all be achieved through software programming, while on MPEG1/MPEG2 capture devices, without the encoding chipset's hardware support these operations cannot be achieved properly.

* Powerful SDK(Software Development Toolkit) included, that allows wide-range customised software to be created for many different application fields, including client-server networking video distribution, video-on-demand and real-time high-quality surveillance.

Compared with traditional surveillance video capture cards, S26X offers significant advantages in its high-quality, flexibility, power and extensibility, making it ideal in many mission-critical application fields.

S26X can be used on MS Windows 2000/XP and Linux operating systems.

Inventa Australia has S26X daily live demonstrations at Unit 102, 288 Wattle St, Ultimo, NSW 2007.

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