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Inventa introduces MPEGIO2 dual channel MPEG2/4/1 encoder/decoder PCI Express Card

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The MPEGIO2 from Inventa is a new multi-function MPEG2/4/1 encoder and decoder PCI Express Card.

Designed with multiple video I/O/MPEG Codec ICs and comprehensive application/ SDK software, MPEGIO2 encodes and decodes superior quality multiple-channel full D1 video and always synchronised audio in real-time, while simultaneously offering features including Colour Text/Graphics Overlay, Picture-in-Picture encoding, Multi-Pin Digital I/O Control, PAL-and-NTSC conversion, Multi-Channel Live Video Preview, low-latency Video Streaming and Seamless Recording File Splitting.

Using a hardware chipset, MPEGIO2 encodes/compresses MPEG2, MPEG4 and MPEG1 video without involving PC CPU at bit-rates of 15Mbps ~ 128Kbps with many adjustable MPEG encoding parameters such as program stream and transport stream, frame sizes, aspect ratios and frame rates.

MPEGIO2 encoded MPEG video can play on most video players on PCs and set-top boxes, can be edited by most editing software, and can be burned as DVD/SVCD/VCD movie disks without further software conversion. The MPEG4 video encoded by MPEGIO2 has higher video quality than MPEG2 encoded at a similar low bit-rate.

Key features of MPEGIO2 MPEG2/4/1 encoder and decoder PCI Express Card:

  • Decodes/plays MPEG2/4/1 video simultaneously to PC screen, external TV monitor and IP network
  • MPEG decoding consumes minimum PC CPU power even on multiple channel simultaneous playback, and requires no MPEG codec software installed on PC
  • Streams MPEG video over any IP network, independent of video recording and video preview processes
  • Streams video in UDP protocol, which can be received and played in real-time by VideoLan software or Amino set-top box
  • Multiple video input/ output with each MPEGIO2 channel having 3 RCA (Composite) and 1 SVideo input sockets and 2 RCA + 2 SVideo output sockets
  • Simultaneous video input can be arranged as Picture-in-Picture, Picture-by-Picture on PC screen preview and inside encoded MPEG video, as well as directly on the video output sockets to be displayed on external TVs
  • PAL and NTSC input/output simultaneously supported and conversion allowed, handling PAL-to-NTSC and NTSC-to-PAL input conversion in real-time
  • Colour Text and Graphics Overlay (OSD or Superimposition) on incoming video previewed on PC screen, output to external TV and encoded in MPEG video
  • Multiple built-in audio Input/Output with 2 pairs of stereo line-in audio allows audio signal to be mixed before being live previewed on PC speakers and encoded into MPEG data
  • 4 digital I/O pins built-in for each MPEGIO2 channel, allowing external industrial devices to send or receive voltage pulse to or from MPEGIO2 card
  • Live video preview on all incoming channels can be turned on or off any time independent of MPEG encoding and streaming
  • Still Image Capture on one or multiple channels can start at any time unrelated to video preview and MPEG encoding/decoding
  • Seamless Splitting Recording File allows continuous video to be recorded on multiple any-sized files for convenient DVD/CD disk burning
  • Runs on Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7 and above operating systems

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