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New InFusion SCADA 2.0 Offering from Invensys Delivers Security for Remote Operations

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Global provider of technology systems, software solutions and consulting services, Invensys Operations Management (Australia) , recently released its InFusion™ SCADA 2.0 software system, with Foxboro® SCD2100 and SCD2200 remote terminal units for oil & gas and water & wastewater applications, delivering a versatile and complete supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system.  

SCADA systems technology is used to optimize real-time monitoring, data acquisition, communications and control for geographically distributed industrial operations. This is useful for those operations where data collection and transmission might be subject to unintended interruptions.  

“Robust, reliable monitoring of remote operations can mean tremendous savings in reduced downtime, efficient maintenance and improved security. And cost-efficient configuration, integration and scalability translate into further savings,” said Chris Smith, SCADA product manager, Invensys Operations Management. “The new SCADA system software and RTUs we are announcing today deliver unprecedented network SCADA monitoring and supervisory performance and maintainability for industry, along with simplified interaction and management for today’s rapid-growth SCADA implementations.”  

The InFusion SCADA 2.0 package of software components enable developers to create reusable objects and templates, as well as manage HMI display properties, data quality, equipment maintenance tagging and other functions necessary for rapidly building SCADA applications. The system also stores program components in a central repository for remote deployment to Windows-based network devices. End user engineers can then draw on this repository to build future applications.  

The new SCD2100 and SCD2200 remote terminal units (RTUs) provide integrated operating environments for controlling and monitoring field operations and collecting real-time data for viewing via InFusion 2.0 screens or integration with process control or other enterprise applications. Both of the new RTUs support a wide range of input/output configurations and device integration, including the HART protocol. They also support pre-programming of ISaGRAF IEC-61131 and IEC 61499 compliant function blocks, which offers faster processing and sequencing than conventional RTUs that interpret programming languages at run time. This provides for more field automation applications for improved unattended operations. Both RTUs also include function blocks certified for oil & gas industry calculations and are available with TCP/IP or wireless connectivity.  

The SCD2200 RTU is a larger modular station for more complex and large utility applications. The SCD2100 RTU is the more compact of the two RTUs and is especially suitable for very low-power operation on oil & gas, as well as water and wastewater. The low power SCD2100 unit is certified for explosive environments.  

The advanced programming and interface components of these new SCADA offerings enable business optimization through integration with advanced applications that provide what-if scenarios, data consolidation for real-time or historical analysis and data integration enterprise operations, such as engineering, maintenance, finance, marketing and site management. It also delivers an industry-specific system solution with Invensys automation products such as the Wonderware Water & Wastewater Industry Pack, SimSci-Esscor simulation software, Foxboro distributed control systems, Triconex critical safety systems and Avantis enterprise asset management software.

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