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Invensys Releases Latest InFusion Enterprise Control System with Version 2.0

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Global provider of technology systems, software solutions and consulting services, Invensys Operations Management (Australia) , has recently released the latest InFusion™ Enterprise Control System (ECS). The InFusion ECS 2.0  features new software platform updates, including the integration of the company’s Foxboro I/A Series®  distributed control system and SCADA hardware and software offerings, compatibility with most other automation or information system, and enhanced platform integration with the company’s latest applications. These applications include and Wonderware® batch, manufacturing execution systems (MES), mobile workforce management, enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) and enterprise business system integration offerings.  

With its new capabilities, the InFusion ECS 2.0 helps customers consolidate information across their existing automation and information systems. By enabling real-time access to business intelligence, industry users are better able to balance competing strategic objectives related to safety, controls, assets, productivity and the environment to maximize their overall profitability.  

“Process manufacturing is facing what could be characterized as a perfect storm. The loss of experience as a result of the shifting demographics, the need to operate proactively rather than reactively, the ability to empower knowledge workers with actionable context and more are all new challenges that require changes in our processes and tools,” said Dave Woll, vice president, consulting services, ARC Advisory Group. “Invensys Operations Management’s ability to use an open technology platform to transcend disparate systems provides the unique opportunity to collaboratively apply Invensys and other best-of-breed solutions. With the InFusion 2.0 solution, it is significantly easier to provide, manage and contextualize information for a wide variety of operations users, allowing them to drive and deliver greater production value in real time.”  

Introduced in 2006, the original InFusion ECS uses open, industry standards-based ArchestrA® technology that easily unites process and production control with business operations control. The system provides functional object templates for a broad range of control and manufacturing operations applications that work within a single development and management environment. The InFusion ECS aims to improve the ability to view and synchronize information from multiple systems and applications; improving collaboration, execution and operations management across a variety of functions within the enterprise.  

Invensys Operations Management also has more than 3,000 systems integrator, hardware and software companies participating in their ecosystem partner network. Many of these partners have been working with Invensys for several years, building complementary expertise and specialized domain solutions utilizing ArchestrA technology. The combined knowledge and delivery capabilities of Invensys and its ecosystem partners that use ArchestrA technology can now be leveraged to expand and accelerate InFusion solutions for customers.  

“Our customers tell us that they need to operate a real-time enterprise so they can react to business variables and balance environmental, productivity and control trade-offs without jeopardizing profitability or plant safety,” said Sudipta Bhattacharya, president and chief executive officer, Invensys Operations Management. “Most systems are isolated and only allow optimization within specific processes or plants. The InFusion ECS, however, allows manufacturers to optimize their operations across the entire enterprise. We are very excited to reach the next milestone in the evolution of the InFusion Enterprise Control System, and we are confident it will help our customers accelerate their move toward becoming a real-time enterprise.”

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