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Safe and secure communications integration

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TRICONEX, a unit of Invensys Process Systems , has released a powerful new communications module that meets today’s user requirements for open and flexible communications integration between Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) and Distributed Control Systems (DCS) – without compromising either safety or security.

“The new Tricon Communications Module addresses our customer’s needs for today, provides a foundation for tomorrow, and represents a quantum leap forward for the industry,” said Triconex product marketing manager at Invensys Process Systems, Luis Duran.

The Tricon Communications Module (TCM) offers unprecedented support for communications integration via industry-standard protocols.

To date, the TCM incorporates an Embedded OPC Server and Modbus TCP/IP together with Safe Peer to Peer and other standard Triconex features. In addition, the TCM supports full TCP/IP and routing functions for use with LANs and WANs.

To help ensure uncompromised safety, the TCM acts as a layer that isolates the Tricon safety system from control network and private LAN nuisances.

The TCM itself is designed to degrade safely and recover gracefully. Support for redundant connections helps ensure there will be no ‘loss of view’ of the safety system from the DCS.

Like other Tricon family products, the TCM is TUV approved for use in systems up to SIL 3.

A sophisticated security model has been incorporated enabling users to specify which computers on the network can communicate with the SIS, as well as the type of access - monitoring (read only), programming and engineering (read/write), or maintenance (read only). With these features, the opportunity for unauthorised access or intrusions is virtually non-existent.

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