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Modular plastic conveyor belting from Intralox

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Constructed of plastic modules and hinge rods, and driven and tracked by plastic sprockets, Intralox Australia 's conveyor belting has a number of important qualities that plant operators and designers look for.

Apart from its, positive drives, high strength, corrosion resistance, low friction, and abrasion resistance, modular plastic conveyor belting has the ability to be built in to almost any width and length. And it can be customised with a variety of flights, side guards, and accessories.

The application of these modular plastic conveyor belting systems has enabled manufacturers to experience significant savings in product loss, significant increases in throughput, and reduction in other costs, such as labour, maintenance and conveyor belt life.

Advantages of modular plastic conveyor belting:

  • Eliminate mistracking and related costs: Intralox’s positive sprocket drive maintains belt alignment
  • Reduce product loss due to adhesion by 80%
  • Reduce product loss on inclines: Intralox belts allow you to build z-configuration conveyors that eliminate product-damaging transfer points while saving space and reducing the number of drive motors necessary
  • These conveyor belts reduce contamination risks caused by belt damage
  • Significantly reduce belt replacement costs by increasing belt life from weeks or months to years
  • Save repair time and costs: modular design allows you to replace damaged pieces without removing the entire belt

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