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Intralox Australia's Activated Roller Belt technology optimises frozen goods production line

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article image Intralox's Automated Roller Belt technology allows for the construction of conveyors that are compact and jam free

A frozen goods producer in France has adopted Intralox 's Activated Roller Belt technology to optimise the production line at its largest production site.

The Socopa Group produces and markets a variety of fresh, cooked, and frozen foods for European retailers and restaurants.

The company recently installed two new thermal tray sealing machines at its largest production site, located in Cherré, France. After installation, there was little space available on the production line at the machine outfeed.

Trays exited the tray sealing machines in two lines, travelling widthwise, and needed to be merged into one lane before entering a subsequent machine.

Intralox designed and installed an efficient, automated solution to this challenge that was able to overcome the limited space constraints of the production line.

The company installed a conveyor that utilises its new Activated Roller Belt technology to continuously merge the exiting trays into one lane.

The belt’s rollers, when activated, automatically direct the trays to one side of the conveyor, positioning them for entry into the detection machine.

Because the Automated Roller Belt system is compact and jam free, it provided an optimal solution for Socopa, accommodating the widthwise travelling trays and completing the required merge within a distance of around 1.5 metres.

The Socopa Project Manager was impressed with Intralox's work, explaining that "thanks to the new ARB technology, we’ve found a reliable merge solution that fits well into our tight production line arrangement. The ARB solution has facilitated the installation of new machines into our production line."

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