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Intralox Activated Roller Belt switch enables Canélia Dairy to launch new pallet format

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An Intralox Activated Roller Belt switch was supplied to Canélia Dairy as a conveyance solution for its new pallet format.

Canélia is a leading milk producer based in Petit-Fayt, France, and a member of the world’s second largest dairy company, Lactalis Group.

The Canélia bottling site shrink-wraps one-litre polyethylene bottles of milk in groups of six, eight or ten bottles at a throughput rate of 15,000 bottles per hour. The 8-litre and 10-litre packs were being fed to the palletiser at the line’s maximum throughput rate.

To meet new demands, the dairy needed to create a new pallet format as well as revise the arrangement of the bottles on each pallet layer while maintaining throughput.

The dairy was using lateral side rail conveyance technology to feed the palletiser via one line. However, two lines were required to achieve the new pallet format.

The siderail technology was no longer a viable conveyance solution as it required time-consuming adjustments to accommodate the different pack sizes. Additionally, it caused frequent jams and damage to the package shrink-wrap equipment.

All these problems with their existing technology led Canélia Dairy to consult with the OEM integrator and Intralox for a better conveyance solution.

Intralox presented the Activated Roller Belt (ARB) switch, an automated conveyance solution to feed the palletiser via two lines, requiring no adjustments for varying package types.

Following the installation of the ARB switch, the side rails have been eliminated from the process. The Intralox switch has optimised production throughput and enabled Canélia to meet market demand for various pallet sizes and arrangements.

Mr Mathieu Agranier, head of production at the Canélia Dairy comments that the ARB switch is remarkable in its simplicity as it continually and smoothly moves the products.

The ARB switch automated conveyor systems are available through Intralox Australia .

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