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Increased production with a Quick Payback achieved with Intralox Solutions

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Groupe Doux is the largest chicken and added value producer in Europe. Their products are sold in 130 countries spanning 5 continents.


In response to rising market demand, Doux had set a goal of increasing production but had identified bottlenecks at the merge and sorting applications at the back of the plant. Doux’s 2 to 1 merge technology was stretched to its limit and was incapable of increasing throughput. Furthermore, recurring repairs and maintenance of the belt cost the plant €10,000 per year.

Doux’s sorter application pushed cardboard trays of product into sorting lanes, at times displacing some products and stalling the next application.


Intralox took a “complete solution” approach to Doux’s problems and was able to guarantee a rise in production after two turnkey retrofits:

  • Replaced merge application with Intralox’s Activated Roller Belt technology, which allowed for greater production throughput.
  • Replaced sorter application with Intralox’s Transverse Roller Top belt solution, which reduced the time and effort needed for the pusher arms to smoothly propel the trays into the exit lanes

The Intralox solutions have required zero maintenance and the plant’s production has risen from 2700 to 3300 boxes per hour. Payback was realized in less than four months. Mr. Allio, Head of Corporate Engineers, said: “Intralox is a solutions provider. We have a very good relationship with Intralox; we consider them to be partners in our business. We especially value Intralox for their service and follow up on projects, which are both essential to Doux’s success as a business.”

Mr. Rault, a Project Engineer, told us: “Intralox delivered what they promised and have increased our throughput as requested.”

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