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Heavy-duty radius belt advantages

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INTRALOX's Series 2200 radius flush grid belt with insert rollers allows plants to standardise on a single belt in heavy-duty conveying applications that include straight runs, radius turns, and low back pressure accumulation needs.

By using one belt instead of rollers or multiple belts, plants can reduce maintenance, eliminate problematic transfer points, and minimise the number of drives installed for each conveying application.

Features include:

* Increased pull strength enables the new belt to handle heavy loads of boxes, cases, tubs, totes, etc.

* Boxes accumulate on the belt with very low back pressure, which reduces product damage.

* 19mm thick, impact resistant modules and rugged sprockets provide longlasting durability in tough applications.

* Standardising on one Series 2200 belt and eliminating transfer points decreases the risk of jams and product damage.

* Rollers protruding above and below the belt allow manipulation of product speed vs. belt speed to create spacing between products or increase throughput.

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