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Conveyor belt sprockets From Intrlaox

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Sprocket designs from Intralox Australia are uniquely tailored to deliver optimal performance of conveyor belts. All Intralox conveyor belts are positively driven and positively tracked by these sprockets. This stops the conveyor belts from moving around laterally or slipping.

Sprockets are moulded in one piece and split configurations and are available in plastic and metal.

Sprockets are available in a wide range of diameters to suit customised conveyors and the bore sizes are either square or round. For sanitation critical applications, Intralox offers EZ Clean Sprockets. To achieve optimum cleaning results with Series 800, 850, 1600, 1650, and 1800 conveyor belts, customers may choose Intralox Angled EZ Clean Sprockets.

Intralox sprockets are available in a range of materials to satisfy specific needs, such as acetal for standard applications and other specialty materials for applications requiring greater resistance to abrasion or chemicals.

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