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INTERWORLD Electronics has announced the release of the very high speed SUPERFASTCOM serial port board from ICS Advent. This four channel, RS-422/RS-485, synchronous/asynchronous PCI board features a high-speed driver/receiver with on-board line termination.

The SUPERFASTCOM can maintain a 'sustained' rate of up to 40Mbs on a single channel or an aggregate data rate for all four channels at up to 108Mbps.

It can access system memory through DMA (Direct Memory Access) using its onboard DMA controller and supplied software. DMA is by far the fastest, most efficient method of handling the large amounts of data that high-speed communications generates.

Buffering a high-speed data stream is critical in order to maintain data integrity, data reliability, avoid data loss and prevent data overrun. The SUPERFASTCOM does all this with minimum system processor involvement to assure no reduction in primary PC processor performance due to data communication overhead.

Buffering works by the user designating in his program how much system memory will be allocated to communications. The more memory in the system, the more can be allocated to the communication process.

As data is received, the onboard communication processor fills a small local buffer. When this is full, the DMA controller transfers this data directly to system memory. The local buffer is reset and the process begins again.

Transmitting data works in reverse when data from system memory is DMA transferred to the local buffer and when empty, new data is transferred in. All of this occurs without slowing or interfering with the system processor.

The SUPERFASTCOM supports all standard synchronous protocols (HDLC, SDLC) and their variations as well as all standard asynchronous data formats. Programming is simplified with the inclusion of drivers, example programs and comprehensive documentation supplied on the FASTCOM CD.

Currently, the SUPERFASTCOM comes with SDLC and HDLC drivers for Windows 2000 and LINUX to get your communication application up and running quickly. Interworld Electronics 03 9563 5011.

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