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OMNIX computers from ICS Advent have a range of options including the MegaRAC remote access companion and LCD-ALARM board.

The MegaRAC is a single-slot PCI plug-in card that can comprehensively monitor and report system-wide status and fault conditions, even when the computer is down.

It works by using software modules that provide operating system-specific services.

These services interface with MegaRAC hardware and provide access to the server from the hardware. The on-board firmware allows the management console to access the server using the server side services. Up to 16 servers can be monitored simultaneously.

When the server is up and running, the management console displays the remote server's graphics as well as send commands to the server via a keyboard and mouse.

This provides full control and ability to perform administrative tasks on the remote server including monitoring general system health parameters such as voltage, power, temperature and fan speed.

When the server is dead, MegaRAC is able to get a dead server up and running by using the server reset and complete power cycle (with the proper hardware support) of the server.

MegaRAC also captures the screen at the time of the crash so that the supervisor can watch and analyse the cause of the crash.

Communication is via an on-board serial-port through a dial-up modem or via direct LAN interface through the system's NIC. This allows the MegaRAC to be used across a wide variety of networked and remote development scenarios.

System status can be logged locally and reported when polled by the central monitoring location and/or pre-set parameters can be used for automatic alerts as required. Interworld Electronics 03 9563 5011.

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