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INTERWORLD Electronics has announced the release of PCI-ACB and PCI-ROUTE56 PCI bus synchronous serial port boards from ICS Advent. These new communication devices bridge modern bus architectures with traditional popular communication standards.

The PCI-ACB is the PCI version of the popular ISA ACB2/EX and PCMCIA PC-ACB/MP. Like all the ACB family, it uses the flexible Zilog 85233 SCC as the foundation for its high-speed communications.

The Zilog 85233 SCC supports software programmable baud rate rates and various protocols such as HDLC, SDLC, X.25, BISYNC or MONOSYNC.

PCI-ACB boasts 200kB/s+ maximum date rate with up to 5000-feet @ 9600bps maximum distance. It features both programmable electrical interface selection to configure different electrical signals pin-outs for RS232, RS485, RS530, RS530A and ITU V.35 as well as transmit clock input or output options.

The PCI-ACB has a DB-25P male connector on its rear board bracket. It is PCI 2.1 compliant and so can be "seen" over bridge chips. It supports DOS, Development Toolkit for synchronous development and Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me operating systems in async mode.

HDLC and SDLC drivers will be available free for all Windows OS soon.

It comes with a software toolkit with programming samples and a source code to shorten development time. PCI-ROUTE56 is ideal for Wan applications such as T1, Fractional T1, E1, ISDN and others.

The board utilises the Zilog Z16C32 (1USC) with on chip DMA controller that eliminates bus bandwidth constraints that are placed on typical interface adapters. This allows data rates to reach 10Mbps in burst mode.

The Z16C32 has built in 32 byte FIFO, coupled with 256k of on-board memory through DMA, allowing higher data rages to be achieved. It features multi-protocol capabilities including PPP, Frame Relay, HDLC, SDLC, x.25, BISYNC or MONOSYNC.

The board comes with SDLC and HDLC drivers for use under Windows NT. It supports DOS, Development Toolkit, and Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me operating systems in async mode.

The PCI-ROUTE56 comes with a software tool kit with programming samples and a source code to shorten development time. Interworld Electronics 03 9563 5011.

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