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AVAILABLE with the Omnix range of industrial PCs from Interworld Electronics is the RDC-IDE/RDC-U160 removable drive cage series. These drive cages provide high capacity hard drive portability with the added benefit of built-in cooling.

They are suitable for making system backups that can be immediately accessed when needed; RAID subsystems; transporting larger amounts of data; and other applications that require reliable data portability.

They provide mountings for Zip drives, LS-120, tape backup and other IDE devices as well as 1-inch hard drives.

Because of the built-in cooling system of internal 5cf/m cooling fans, they effectively dissipate significant heat from hard drives. This can lower the internal operating temperature by 5 to 15°C.

Other features include easy installation, an integrated handle that will not interfere with chassis door, and LED indicators for power and HDD.

The removable drive cages are available in IDE Ultra 33/66 (RDC-IDE) and Ultra 160 SCSI (RDC-U160) formats (RAID configurations throughput is limited to 80Mb/s). Interworld Electronics 03 9563 5011.

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