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article image Maintains application availability in the event of a failure.
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INTERWORLD Electronics has released the Western Telematic RPS-10 Series and NPS-230 remote power switches. The Red Hat Cluster Management Documentation recommends them for providing power management and service failover capability for redundant Linux clusters.

The cluster manager technology provides data integrity and the ability to maintain application availability in the event of a failure. Using redundant hardware, shared disk storage, power management, and cluster communication and application failover mechanisms a cluster can meet the needs of the enterprise market.

To set up a cluster, an administrator must connect the cluster systems (often referred to as member systems) to the cluster hardware and configure the systems into the cluster environment. If a hardware or software failure occurs, the functional cluster member will automatically restart the failed system's services by rebooting the system. This service failover capability ensures that no data is lost and there is little disruption to users. When the failed system recovers, the cluster can re-balance the services across the two systems. To restart the failed system the functional cluster system will issue a power recycle command to the RPS-10 Series or NPS-230 remote power switches.

The RPS-10 series consists of the RPS-10M-EC single outlet master module and RPS-10S-EC single outlet satellite modules. Up to nine RPS-10S-ECs can be connected to an RPS-10M-EC, expanding the number of power outlets to 10. The NPS-230 has eight outlets and dual power buses to provide two independent four-outlet switch circuits.

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