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Rack mount enclosure for PC/104

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article image Interworld Electronics’ Horizon104 industrial chassis.
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INTERWORLD Electronics has released the Horizon104, combining a 1U rack mount industrial chassis with a PC/104 horizontal backplane for mounting embedded PC/104 modules.

Most 1U rack chassis are primarily soft commodities that cater to the server market. Few can tolerate more than an ideal air-conditioned environment. They also support few I/O boards. The Horizon104 is designed for higher shock and vibration, higher temperature extremes, and very low power consumption. It is the only 1U rack chassis capable of mounting five separate industrial I/O boards. Full data acquisition, monitoring, control, and communications systems can be housed in a single shallow 1U rack chassis.

PC/104 boards are small, form factor, PC-based cards that incorporate both the ISA and PCI bus with vertical stacking connectors instead of a PCB bus backplane. PC/104 boards tend to use CMOS components for lower power and wider temperature operation. The Horizon104 moves PC/104 into a horizontal plane by creating a horizontal backplane with one of two CPU plug-in locations, two locations for PCI or ISA, and three locations for ISA only.

Each board is hard mounted to either the chassis or backplane with four screws at its corners, making it extremely resistant to shock and vibration. The Horizon104 comes with a 1U ATX type 100W 110ac/220ac power supply with a standard system operation temperature of 0°C to 60°C. The chassis was designed for optional extended temperature operation.

Due to the low power consumption of PC/104 boards a full system uses about half of the available 100W. By putting the low power boards in a horizontal plane they can also be better cooled than cramped stacked units or traditional 1U PCI/ISA systems. The Horizon104 has two front-mounted cooling fans drawn through an industrial re-usable filter with over 20CFM of cooling for this small 1U chassis in addition to the power supply fan.

The HORIZON104 has one front-mounted drive bay for CDROM, CD-ROM/floppy combo, or removable hard drive. An internal 2.5” drive bay provides a mounting for either a laptop or an auto industry rugged hard drive. The drive bay, PC/104 board slot, or USB can be used for solid state solutions. PC/104 I/O exits the chassis from pre-made I/O panels internally reached from board cables. Six rear I/O panels and two front I/O panels allow flexible front and rear I/O solutions including video, keyboard, mouse, USB, Ethernet, reset, speaker, serial, and parallel connections. PC/104 I/O can use DB9, DB25, DB37, GPIB, or ribbon cables as well as custom connectors. A range of I/O panels designed for the MOPS PC/104 processor modules are also available.

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