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INTERWORLD Electronics has announced that Quatech’s portable SignalPro unit is now bundled with a 12-bit PCMCIA data acquisition card, cables and DaqSuite software.

For those requiring 16-bit data acquisition, bundles can be upgraded to include a DAQP-16. As a result, SignalPro now comes as a complete portable data acquisition and accelerometer/dynamic signal conditioning system.

Also, if the system needs to be used from a standard PC, users can purchase the PCD2-F/PCI-E, which uses a PCI interface. This allows the SignalPro system to be moved from a laptop to a desktop PC.

The SignalPro Series, in combination with Quatech’s data acquisition adapters, allows the use of a desktop or laptop computer to directly monitor process, transducer and sensor input signals.

Four systems are available:

· QTC-200-SYS thermocouple input system.

· QTC-250-SYS RTD input system.

· QTC-350-SYS accelerometer/dynamic signal input system.

· QTC-400-SYS universal current/voltage input system.

The QTC-350S-SYS is identical to the QTC-350-SYS except it also provides SSH (simultaneous sample and hold).

All SignalPro components are software programmable, and are supported by Quatech's free DaqEZ user-friendly, Windows-based, application software package.

DaqEZ requires absolutely no programming to perform a wide variety of data acquisition functions.

Also included in the software package is DAQDRIVE, a 32-bit universal software driver that supports various programming languages including Microsoft C/C++, Borland C/C++, Quick Basic, and Turbo Pascal.

Visual Basic support is available as an option with Quatech's VISUALDAQ.

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