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INTERWORLD Electronics has introduced a new range of compact 3.6" x 3.8" PC/104 motion control modules.

The range includes 1-4 axis encoder input modules, 1-4 axis servo controllers and 1-4 axis stepper motor controllers.

The 104-5912 series provides decoding for up to four incremental quadrature encoders or pulse sources.

For each encoder, phase 0, phase 90 and index pulse inputs are available.

Prior to decoding a 4-stage digital filter with seven software-selectable sample clock frequencies, ranging up to 10MHz, provides quadrature input conditioning.

The 104-5912 supports X1, X2 and X4 decoding. The pulse and direction, and decoded quadrature inputs are then sent to 24-bit counters.

The 104-5912 series of boards can have a 1.3MHz pulse rate per axis filtered (15MHz unfiltered).

The 104-5950A delivers host-dependent, high-speed motion control for up to four axes. These compact, low cost designs are suitable for embedded applications with little space to spare.

The 104-5950A’s PMD DSP chipset handles the velocity feed forward PID servo algorithm for all axes.

The dedicated DSP frees the host CPU for other tasks and protects motion control activities from host software problems. The 104-5950A also features dedicated hardware position capture registers. These registers provide a high accuracy of ±1 count at 1MHz.

The 104-5954PD offers high-speed stepper indexing for up to four axes with automatic alerts on profile failures.

An incremental encoder input per axis provides position feedback for on-the-fly stall detection. The inputs use encoders to cross-reference the actual versus desired position with a tolerance window for stall detection which can be preset. Stalls are announced in the status register or can generate interrupts.

With industry-standard language support and motion-specific function calls, these motion control modules provide a flexible programming environment and reflect a solid commitment to open architecture design philosophy.

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