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INTERWORLD Electronics has announced the release of a SoftPBX application for both packet and circuit switching from Envox. The complete development environment is available free of charge. A per port fee is assessed only when the application(s) go into production.

VARs, service providers, ASPs and system integrators have found Envox particularly useful for quickly deploying PC PBX solutions for fast revenue generation. It also allows developers to customise applications for competitive and ROI advantages.

The advantages of using Envox over more traditional development methods include lower infrastructure costs, technical flexibility, adaptability, scalability and a richer feature set.

The Envox SoftPBX supports any combination of analog, digital, IP and/or SS7 lines and migrating from one protocol to another is simple. It can accommodate any combination of devices including traditional phones, web sessions, IP phones and PCs running H.323. These can also be changed at any time.

It is also cost effective as it utilises industry standard hardware and can run additional applications on the same server. More than just call control, the Envox SoftPBX offers several innovative features including "Follow Me" options, voice mail message delivery via email, group conferencing services, least cost routing and web-based administration.

It pops the calling party (ANI) and called party (user or ACD group name) onto the user's screen with any transferred call. From the screen, the user can send the call directly to voice mail, divert it to another extension or ask the caller to speak his or her name, which is played back via PC speakers.

Envox SoftPBX is extremely flexible as rules and voice response scripts can be inserted throughout the system. Restrictions can be placed on outgoing calls and set for different users or groups.

Using DNIS, the company can set up rules for an unlimited number of calls utilising actions such as playing different menus, calling an ACD group, receiving a fax, taking a message or launching other Envox applications.

The SoftPBX was built on the Envox 4.0 Communications Development Platform. Developers can use the product's GUI programming environment to quickly enhance functionality and create new solutions. It offers pre-built blocks for adding telephony, web, email, fax, IP, datacom and speech processing functions.

Envox significantly reduces development time when compared to traditional coding methods. Additionally, it supports emerging standards including XML, VMXL, ISAPI, IMAP, SS7, and ATM.

Envox has eliminated tedious integration work by abstracting APIs for third party speech products such as SpeechWorks, Nuance, Philips, Fonix and L&H. Therefore, it is easy to make modifications to the functionality including adding stored caller data to the screen pops, speech enabling the menus and queuing calls.

This also allows developers to easily design and integrate additional applications such as interactive voice response, messaging, voice portals and web talk on the same communications server.

During the evaluation phase, potential partners receive free technical support and training. Interworld Electronics 03 9563 5011.

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