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New combined power switch and console server from Interworld Electronics

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Interworld Electronics  has released the DCM-8R4-2 console server and power switches from Western Telematic Inc. The DCM-8R4-2 console server and power switches provide system administrators with two network management tools in one compact package, offering secure, remote power control and console port access. This makes the DCM-8R4 ideal for branch office, ATM or Kiosk applications.

The DCM-8R4 provides a secure, dependable means to control AC power and manage RS232 console ports on equipment installed at remote locations.

Features of console servers and power switches include:

  • (8) RS232 RJ45 serial ports
  • (4) IEC 320 C13 controlled outlets
  • Local RS-232 set-up port
  • Internal 'Fault Tolerant' Modem with Dial-Back function
To protect access to sensitive configuration and operation features, the DCM-8R4 provides two levels of password security, the Supervisor and the Non-Supervisor Level. The Supervisor Level allows access to all configuration and switching functions, and the Non-Supervisor Level only allows access to assigned plugs and ports, and cannot be used to change unit configuration.

In addition to password security features, the console server and power switches also include an Invalid Access Lockout feature, which can automatically lock ports if the unit detects a series of invalid attempts to enter command mode.

The console server and power switches can be configured and operated via modem or locally via serial port. The console server and power switches feature simple user-friendly commands allow users to assign unit parameters, view status, and initiate port connections and power switching operations. Outlets and serial ports can be addressed by number or by user-defined names.

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