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New High Current Remote Reboot Switches

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Interworld Electronics has release 16 Amp input circuit versions of our popular 8 and 16 plug Remote Reboot Switches. The IPS-800CE-D16 provides dual 16 Amp input circuits each supplying 4 output plugs while the IPS-1600CE-D16 and the NBB-1600CE-D16 provide dual 16 Amp input circuits each supplying 8 output plugs for a total of 16 output plugs.

Remote Reboot Switches provide a simple, effective means to control 230 VAC power in a rack mount environment. Individually controlled AC outlets can

be switched on, off, rebooted or set to user-defined defaults in response to commands issued via web browser, telnet, remote modem or local terminal.

These devices are perfect for co-location applications, and features two separate levels of password protected security; the Administrator Level allows access to all switching, reboot and configuration functions, and the User Level permits switching and reboot functions, but does not allow access to configuration menus. In order to ensure that command mode remains secure, passwords are transmitted using 64-bit encryption.

The IPS-800CE-D16 and IPS-1600CE-D16 can be horizontally rack mounted and require 1U or 2U rack space respectively. The NBB-1600CE-D16 is mounted vertically on a rack cabinets rear support bars and does not consuming valuable rack space.

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