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INTERWORLD Electronics offers a motion control solution with the release of the SPIIPCI Series from ICS Advent. The SPIIPCI is a series of multi-axis motion controllers that are based on a single PCI PCB and a custom ASIC second-generation motion processor chip, the SPii.

Applications include semiconductor manufacturing and inspection, electronic assembly, pick and place machines, testing equipment, complex digital printing and medical scanners and imaging equipment.

The capabilities of the SPIIPCI controllers include on-the-fly position and velocity control, multi-axis motion start synchronisation, hardware position registration, and a 10kHz servo update rate. Each SPii ASIC has two encoder inputs handling up to 20MHz encoder frequencies.

All controllers are programmable to mix and match combinations of servo, stepper and encoder. The SPIIPCI Series includes three controller types (servo, stepper and encoder interface) on each board with two models of various axis capabilities between 1 to 8 axes.

Since the SPIIPCI controllers program entirely in C/C++ Visual Basic, they can be applied to virtually any simple positioning or velocity control application.

A comprehensive dynamic link library (DLL) is available for the host PC. The DLL supports the most common non plug-n-play operating system such as Windows NT. A Windows 2000 driver is coming soon. Interworld Electronics 03 9563 5011.

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