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INTERWORLD Electronics has announced the release of the PCI-DIO32-SS 16 isolated inputs and 16 solid state relay outputs board from ICS Advent. The PCI-DIO32-SS is one of the few on-board relays and isolated input boards that have the change-of-state interrupt feature.

This allows the PC's CPU to be notified when data has changed on the input ports. This greatly frees up system resources by eliminating the need for constant polling of inputs.

The solid state relays are preferred where fast speed and larger currents are required. Reed relays have low power limits and electromechanical relays may have "bounce" at higher speeds.

This board provides a solution for digital control where on-board relays are required and inputs must be isolated, such as in test equipment, instrumentation and process control.

The PCI-DIO32-SS is a half size PCI board that offers the same features as the popular IDO16 and DIO16SI ISA boards combined.

The isolated inputs can be driven by either ac or dc and are not polarity sensitive. Input signals are rectified by a diode bridge and applied to a transistor circuit that provides constant current drive to the opto-isolator independent of the amplitude on the input.

Each input circuit contains a software switchable slow/fast filter that has a 5-millisecond time constant.

The filter must be selected for ac inputs in order to eliminate response to zero crossing. The filter is also valuable for use with slow dc input signals in a noisy environment.

The filters are globally switched on or off by software control. All filters may be turned on by a Read at base address +3 and disabled by a Write to base address +3.

The digital outputs are comprised of fully protected FET switches. Capable of 1A carry current at up to 50V dc, the FETs are fully protected against short circuit, over-temperature, ESD damage and have active clamping above 50V dc. Interworld Electronics 03 9563 5011.

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