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INTERWORLD Electronics has announced the release of a faster, more versatile, four-port, asynchronous serial communication board, from ICS Advent. The UC232PCI/4-85 can be configured for RS232, RS422 or RS485 communications and supports data rates up to 460.8kbps.

The board features full compatibility with standard 16C550 and 16C650 UARTs, but provides extraordinary 128-byte receive and transmit FIFOs for buffering.

This buffering is important when working with high-overhead operating systems such as Windows 2000, NT and Windows 98 (drivers supplied). The extra-deep FIFOs prevent data loss due to overrun and dramatically improve data throughput in all applications when using all four ports.

RS232 compatibility allows for connection to devices with RS232 electrical interfaces, such as modems, data-entry terminals and plotters.

RS422 provides excellent communications for long distance devices connections up to 4000ft, where noise immunity and high data integrity are essential.

RS485 is optimised for ‘Multi-Drop’ or ‘Party-line’ operations selecting data from multiple peripherals (as many as 31 devices can be connected on an RS485 bus).

When configured for RS485, it has automated RTS control that allows the board to be plug and play under Windows applications.

Software examples and drivers are supplied for Windows NT and Windows 95/98/2000. These drivers allow the board to be “just another com port” in the system.

The UC232PCI/4-85 also comes with manual and software CD which contains support for non-Microsoft OS such as LINUX and QNX. Interworld Electronics 03 9563 5011.

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