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INTERWORLD Electronics has announced the release of the RMX family of 17- inch and 19-inch rack mount monitors with captive touch screen options from ICS Advent.

The monitors' ultra-low dot pitch resolution, coupled with flicker-free performance of up to 1600 x 1200 offers customers one of the highest performing displays available on today's market.

Though the high-performance, larger-sized display monitors feature advanced specifications similar to most current desktop monitors, they can be easily integrated into a rack-mount configuration.

The optional capacitive touch screen makes the RMX series a perfect choice for operator stations where using a keyboard is impractical or to save space. When installed in a sturdy rack mount chassis, the monitors are well protected from industrial hazards.

These monitors were especially designed for industrial applications that require high-performance graphics and easy viewing. Their flicker-free resolution and anti-glare coated screens that refracts unwanted light are especially useful for long work sessions.

Also the flat square-shaped, high contrast screen ensures bright bold colours. On-screen controls permit easy adjustment of image quality, size position and geometry.

The RMX-17CRT (/TS) monitors are 17-inch diagonal, dark-tinted, non-glare etched, FST with Invar shadow mask with unlimited display colours. Maximum resolution is 1280 x 1024/65Hz NI. The monitor’s scanning frequencies are 30-70kHz (horizontal) and 50-120Hz (vertical). It has a video bandwidth of 110MHz (dot rate).

These monitors feature 11 factory preset memory modes. On-screen adjustment controls include contrast, brightness, horizontal and vertical size and position, rotation, color selection, language, display frequency, and a host of others. Power requirements are 90-132/180-256Vac, 50/60Hz, with 120 watts maximum power consumption.

The RMX-19CRT (/TC) monitors are 19-inch diagonal, with advanced high contrast FST with Dynamic focus, Invar shadow mask and unlimited display colour.

Maximum resolution is 1600 x 1200 /75Hz NI with a 210MHz (dot rate) video bandwidth. These monitors' scanning frequencies are 30-95kHz (horizontal) and 50-160Hz (vertical).

Its memory modes feature 13 factory presets. On-screen adjustment features include contrast, brightness, horizontal and vertical size and position, side-pin, trapezoid, rotation, color control, recall, language and OSD adjustment.

Power requirements are 100-220Vac, 50/60Hz with 150 watts maximum power consumption. Both 17-inch and 19-inch monitors have 15-pin mini D-sub cable connectors and feature a digital microprocessor OSD monitor control type. Interworld Electronics 03 9563 5011.

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