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Embedded 3.5” and 5.25” system boards

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INTERWORLD Electronics has available a range of embedded 3.5” and 5.25” system boards. These boards can function as a stand-alone operation, or their functionality can be expanded through PC/104 or PC/104-plus expansion connectors.

The PEB-2530VL features a low power NS Geode GX1 300Mhz 586+ processor, and the PEB-2431VL features a 133MHz processor. On-board features for the 3.5” boards include standard VGA, I/O and RJ-45 for 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX Ethernet.

The 5.25” PEB-3630VLA is an all-in-one embedded system board with highly integrated function for a wide range of applications that include multi-media, transaction thermals and network appliances. The CPU features a low power 192KB L1/L2 cache processor up to 665MHz.

The ROBO-503 and ROBO-603 have been designed to meet the need of embedded fan-less systems such as routers, cache servers, firewalls and panel (LCD) display systems such as web phone and information appliances.

ROBO-603 is an Intel Socket 370 Celeron or Pentium III processor-based 5.25" embedded SBC with 2D/3D graphics, dual fast ethernet, 32-bit PCI slot and audio. ROBO-503 is an NS GX1 processor-based 3.5" embedded SBC with CRT/LCD, dual Ethernet and audio.

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