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Dual server with Hot Swap HDD

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THE I-Server1827A from Interworld Electronics , is a 1U rackmount Dual Xeon 'ServerWorks' based server with hardware RAID 1 support and Hot Swap Serial ATA drives.

The three SATA hard drives can be configured as RAID 1 with a Hot Swap spare to provide immediate redundant backup in the case of hard drive failure.

The I-Server1827A supports dual Intel Xeon processors rated at 2.8GHz or higher, with 512K of L2 cache and Front Side Bus (FSB) speeds of 400/533MHz, up to 4GB of ECC register DDR266 low profile memory and is equipped with:

* ServerWorks GC-SL with CBS5 Chipsets;

* ATi Rage-XL graphics controller;

* 8MB of video memory;

* 3x SATA Hot Swap HDD bays;

* Slimline CDROM and floppy drive;

* Two 64-bit 100/66MHz (3.3V) PCI/PCI-X expansion slots;

* Dual Gbit Ethernet network ports and 350W auto range ac power supply with active PFC.

Running Intel Xeon processors in the limited space of a 1U chassis requires an advanced heat dissipation design. The I-Server 1827 includes six high-speed fans, two large-size copper heat sinks and an advanced thermal-monitoring system.

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