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Digital board for noisy environments

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article image Quatech’s PXB-818R/PCI board.
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AVAILABLE from Interworld Electronics is Quatech’s PXB-818R/PCI board, which provides eight relay actuators and eight opto-isolated digital inputs.

When the output relay is engaged, an LED illuminates with the status of each relay output. All input channels are isolated making it well suited for collecting digital inputs in noisy environments.

Using a PXB-818R/EXT expansion board with the PCB-818R/PCI provides an additional eight relay outputs and eight isolated digital inputs. Up to three expansion boards can be attached to a single PXB-818R/PCI for a total of 32 input and 32 output channels, accessible via a D-37 connector.

Each PXB-818R digital input channel is first routed through a PC-814 photocoupler. The input connections are not polarity sensitive, and a single pole filter with a time constant of 5ms is used to filter AC inputs.

The normal high-state input voltage is 3 to 24 V ac/dc. This input range can be extended by changing the resistor while limiting the current to 10mA. An isolation input register is used to read the status of each channel.

The PXB-818R relay output contacts are rated for a maximum of 0.5A at 120V ac (resistive), 1A at 24V dc, or 0.3A at 60V dc (ratings are reduced by inductive loads).

Four of the outputs are Form C relays with three contacts, and four are Form A relays with two contacts. Upon normal power up and reset, the relay status is low.

The boards are supported under Windows 95/98/NT/Me/2000 via the included DaqSuite CD. The CD also provides the DAQDRIVE universal driver package providing support for LabVIEW, DASYLab and TestPoint, as well as DOS and Windows programming languages, and Quatech’s user-friendly data acquisition application software packages DaqEZ and DaqEZ Pro. Interworld Electronics 03 95635011.

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