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DAQ boards measure hard-hat safety

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IN ORDER to simulate potential job-site hazards to measure hard-hat effectiveness, a test was developed using Quatech’s DAQ-1201/PCI, BNC-16 and DaqEZ software package that comes free with the hardware.

This data can help manufacturers design safer hats and help consumers choose the most protective equipment.

The test simulates potential job-site hazards by dropping weights onto a hard-hat placed in the “as worn” position on a head-form. Acceleration and pounds of force on impact are measured to test the flexibility of the hat and to determine how much of the force it absorbs and how much force is transmitted to the head-form.

A hat is placed on a head-form mounted on a rubber pad of known softness. Weights are attached to a raised arm and released onto the hat. An accelerometer (to measure acceleration) and a load cell (to measure pounds of force) are connected to the test object and the signals are transmitted via BNC connectors on the Quatech BNC-16.

The BNC-16 terminal box is used to provide 16 BNC connectors for connecting the data acquisition board’s analogue input channels to external analog signals.

The BNC-16 is connected to Quatech’s DAQ-1201/PCI 12-bit PCI data acquisition board that is installed in the PC. The DAQ-1201/PCI digitises the analog sensor inputs and passes them to the computer for processing using Quatech’s DaqEZ application software package.

DaqEZ converts raw data to appropriate units by using the transfer equations included in its signal-conditioning database. With DaqEZ, results can be immediately displayed on screen as a list, chart or graph, or saved for later playback and analysis. Interworld Electronics 03 9563-5011.

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