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INTERWORLD Electronics has expanded its range of console management equipment to include the OpenGear CM4000 series secure console servers. Console Servers enable System Administrators and IT Managers to remotely manage hundreds of serial consoles anywhere in the world.

The CM4000 series console server provides secure and affordable access to the serial console ports on Windows, Sun and Linux servers. They can also monitor and control network appliances (like routers, firewalls and gateways) and more general appliances (like UPSs, PBXs, building security and power switches).

With a CM4000 series console server it is possible to remotely control, monitor and manage almost any device that would normally be controlled via a serial port.

OpenGear's CM4000 console servers integrate a rich spectrum of features that ensure remote devices are securely managed and monitored. The remote server can be accessed in-band through the enterprise IP network, or out-of-band through a dial-up modem.

All connections are secured by a 128-bit AES encryption. The console server also provides a selection of filtering and access logging facilities. All console logs can be archived off line. Access can also be restricted by IP address, by password, or by account.

The CM4000 series console server can also be controlled via a simple web browser interface so that managers can easily configure the appliance, set security levels and access the serial console ports.

OpenGears's products are built on open source standards. The CM4000 series run a Linux Kernel that can be directly accessed at the command line allowing administrators and developers to uniquely configure and customise the system.

The CM4000 series includes the following models:

* CM4008: 8 RJ-45 RS-232 serial ports

* CM4116: 16 RJ-45 RS-232 serial ports

* CM4148: 48 RJ-45 RS-232 serial ports.

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