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USING Envox 4.0 computer telephony software and Dialogic cards, Voiceforce has developed a system called 1300EMAILS, which allows users to listen and reply to their emails using any phone and an existing ISP email account.

1300EMAILS, available from Interworld Electronics, also improves the speed and ease of sending replies.

The user just speaks, and their voice is recorded and sent via email as an audio file (.wav) attachment. The recipient clicks on the attachment and hears the senders voice through their PC speakers.

E-mails are read to callers by phone using the latest text-to-speech technology. It also employs speech recognition, so users can control the system by their voice. This means the system can be accessed safely hands-free when driving.

1300EMAILS eliminates the need for users to carry computer equipment, cables and speciality devices, and the need to find a dial-up sockets.

Envox Studio 4.0 application software provided Voiceforce with a user-friendly and powerful platform on which to develop 1300EMAILS.

With Envox, flowchart scripts are created with powerful building blocks to develop a range of functions including voice recognition (ASR), text to speech (TTS) and audio file conversion.

This saves development time, minimising the time to market. If needed, programming languages such as Visual Basic, C and C++ can be incorporated into scripts as DLL or Active X objects.

Envox Studio 4.0 has been designed to help companies like Voiceforce develop innovative CT solutions using minimal up-front capital.

As well as the reduced time to market, the complete development environment is available free of charge, with a per port fee assessed only when the application goes into service.

During this initial phase, potential partners receive free technical support and training. Interworld Electronics 03 9563 5011.

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