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Analog PCI output,12-bit card

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THE PCI-AOB Series of half-sized PCI boards from Interworld Electronics gives users 2, 4, or 6 independent channels of analog output ports for modern PCs that have PCI slots rather than ISA slots.

Features include 12-bit resolution D/A, channel-by-channel or simultaneous update modes, six output voltage ranges and Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME support.

The PCI-AOB Series allows users to move easily from the older ISA system to current PCI based systems. These boards have standard auto selection of address per PCI standard. Much of the card has software selection and control instead of numerous jumpers that are used on the older ISA card.

The DB37 connector was modeled after the AOB6-P, except that the third byte of digital I/O was dropped to provide fused +12V dc and +5V dc power outputs plus other reference pins important to analog output users.

The PCI-AOB family has 16 digital input/output bits that can be programmed as inputs or outputs on a groups-of-eight or byte basis. This function is based on the industry standard type 8255 programmable peripheral interface and programmable as A and B ports.

Calibration constants are generated and stored in software using a program included with the cards. Zero (or offset) constants are in EEPROM along with SPAN calibration constants. Further, the EEPROM stores a table of ranges that are assigned to each channel.

Utility software that comes with the board demonstrates functions necessary for using the card’s analog output and digital I/O capabilities. Also included is Windows sample code in C++ Builder, Delphi and Visual BASIC and DOS sample code in C, which demonstrate all the steps to program analog outputs and digital I/O. Interworld Electronics 03 9563 5011.

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