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THE APS Series asynchronous port switches from Interworld Electronics allow reliable, high-speed connections between PCs, modems, and other devices using dissimilar baud rates, parity, and flow control.

The APS supports communication at speeds up to 115.2kbps and features full RTS/CTS hardware handshaking.

Swift data throughput and full flow control makes the APS a suitable data switch for today’s high speed communications applications.

Up to 16 different devices can be connected to the APS without the need to select a common baud rate or parity. Each port can be individually configured for specific baud rates, parity, handshaking, and various other parameters and options. Each port can be password protected.

Configuration of the APS is simple. A menuing system is used to select communications parameters, and enable or disable options. The APS can easily adapt to the requirements of almost any data communications application.

The AFS Series closely monitors activity on primary hardware lines. In the event that the line changes state, the AFS quickly responds and re-routes data signals to a backup line. Lost data and downtime is cut to a minimum.

The AFS is designed for applications that require automatic routing of analog or digital signals between a common jack and an A and B jack; it is suitable for switching RS232, RS422/485, Ethernet/UTP or telephone lines.

The system consists of a card rack, a plug-in power supply module, an

RS-232 command port card and up to 16 switch cards.

Each card is capable of switching all 8 pins of a common RJ45 jack between jacks "A" and "B". Each card can be switched manually or by command.

The RS232 command port can be connected to a modem to enter set-up parameters, execute switching commands or view status of the unit's parameters from remote sites.

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