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AVAILABLE from Interworld Electronics , the PCI-9112 is a 32-bit multi-function data acquisition card with bus-mastering DMA and up to 110kHz A/D sampling rate.

It is suitable for data logging and signal analysis applications such as medical, process control and energy management.

The card features 16 digital output and 16 digital input channels, On-board A/D FIFO memory, 12-bit analog input resolution, auto-scanning channel selection, on-chip sample and hold and three independent programmable 16-bit down counters.

The PCI-9112 also features three A/D trigger modes; software trigger, programmable pacer trigger and external pulse trigger. Its programmable gains are x0.5, x1, x2, x4, x8.

Other features include an integral dc-to-dc converter for stable analog power source.

Other applications for the PCI-9112 include security controller, product testing, Event and frequency counting and waveform and pulse generation.

Options include one metre cable and screw termination board (with or without CJC).

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