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Add Firewire ports to legacy systems

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INTERWORLD Electronics has introduced two new IEEE 1394 Firewire adapters from Quatech for PCI and CardBus interfaces. Interworld's new Firewire products enable multiple IEEE 1394 ports to be added to any desktop or laptop computer via a PCI slot or CardBus drive.

High-performance IEEE 1394 connections have numerous data communication applications including high-speed data transfers from external hard disk drives and CD-RWs, and transferring still images from digital cameras.

They are also becoming the standard for streaming video, digital video processing, and video editing.

The new TFC-100 provides two four-pin IEEE 1394 ports and one six-pin port (includes power) via the PCI bus. The DFP-100 provides two six-pin ports via a CardBus interface.

Both cards use 32-bit bus mastering and support operating speeds of 100, 200, and 400Mbps. They are compatible with all IEEE 1394a devices, and are backward compatible with IEEE 1394-1955 devices. Support is provided under Windows 98/Me/2000.

Both Firewire products include two video-editing packages. The first provides basic capture and compression capability, including programs to capture and playback from digital video cameras and to export using standard Microsoft video formats.

Also included is software for capturing still images from digital video cameras. For more complex editing, and for creating videos, Ulead's Video Studio is included as well. Interworld Electronics 03 9563 5011.

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