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16-bit PCI data acquisition board

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INTERWORLD Electronics has available the Quatech DAQ-1602/PCI, 16-bit data acquisition board. It provides 16-bit analog input, 32 digital I/O channels and two synchronised analog output channels.

It features a 16-bit programmable counter/timer and pace clocks for both A/D and D/A. The maximum sampling rate is 200kS/sec for A/D with digital or analog threshold triggering.

The DAQ-1602/PCI is compatible with Quatech’s SignalPro Series of board-level signal conditioning adapters allowing a wide range of transducer inputs such as thermocouple RTD, strange gage and accelerometer. The SignalPro Series also offers low/high band pass filtering.

The DAQ-1602/PCI provides 16 single-ended or eight differential analog input channels, expandable to 256 SE/128DE. These are configurable for either unipolar or bipolar inputs. The board supplies software programmable gains of 1, 2, 4 and 8.

The analog I/O connection, eight channels of digital I/O and their control lines are accessed via a D-37 connector that fits in the rear slot of a PC. A second auxiliary D-37 connector is provided for adding up to 24 additional digital I/O lines via a ribbon cable that occupies an additional slot.

Data acquisition in the DAQ-1602/PCI is supported with 4k data FIFOs for both A/D and D/A, which makes for easy operation in Windows environments.

The board also has a Scan List FIFO of 512 entries, each of which can be specified with an input channel and its associated gains. Any sequence of scanning can be programmed, and up to 256 channel scanning can be implemented.

The boards are supported under Windows 95/98/NT/Me/2000 via the included DaqSuite CD. The CD also provides the DAQDRIVE universal driver package providing support for LabVIEW, DASYLab, and TestPoint, as well as DOS and Windows programming languages, and Quatech’s user-friendly data acquisition application software packages DaqEZ and DaqEZ Pro. Interworld Electronics 03 95635011.

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