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Three-phase gate driver IC from International Rectifier

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International Rectifier  has introduced a rugged 600 V three-phase gate driver IC, IRS26310DJPbF suitable for low, mid-, and high-voltage motor drive applications including permanent magnet (PM) motor drives for appliances, industrial drives, micro inverter drives and electric vehicle drives.

The IRS26310DJPbF integrates power MOSFET and IGBT gate drivers with three high-side and three low-side referenced output channels to provide 200mA/350mA drive current at up to 20 V MOS gate drive capability operating up to 600 V.

The IRS26310DJPbF incorporates an integrated bootstrap diode and offers a comprehensive set of protection features including negative voltage spike (Vs) immunity circuitry to protect the system from catastrophic events seen during high-current switching and short-circuit conditions, in addition to ground fault protection to achieve high levels of robustness and reliability. An advanced input filter is also integrated to reject noise and reduce distortion to improve system performance.

Application-specific protection features of IRS26310DJPbF include DC bus sensing with over-voltage protection and a zero vector braking function for Permanent Magnet (PM) motor drives. A current trip function which terminates all six outputs is derived from an external current sense resistor and an enable function is available to terminate all six outputs simultaneously.

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