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RAD-Hard MOSFETs 40% better device on-resistance

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article image These devices are designed for space missions.

INTERNATIONAL Rectifier has introduced the R6 line of high-reliability (HiRel) 100V, 150V, 200V and 250V radiation-hardened (RAD-Hard) MOSFETs for power management circuits. Devices are available in surface-mount as well as new low-ohmic TO-254 and TO-257 packages. Tab-less TO-254 and TO-257 packages are also available.

According to International Rectifier, DC-DC converters, motor controls and solid-state switching circuits with input voltages of 24V to 48V in launch vehicles, satellites and other demanding applications can be made more reliable and efficient with these new devices.

The R6 MOSFETs have SEE ratings to LET of 90MeV and improved prompt dose response and SEE absorption versus other equivalent devices. The new devices are also optimised for use in Hybrid - MIL-PRF-38534 ‘Class K’ modules for satellite applications, including low earth orbit (LEO), middle earth orbit (MEO), geostationary earth orbit (GEO) and deep space missions.

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