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Proprietary plastic packaged motor inverter modules

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INTERNATIONAL Rectifier (IR) has launched two new near-hermetic, high-reliability (HiRel) motor control inverter modules that combine IR's latest IGBT and soft recovery rectifier technology with IR's proprietary plastic package sealing method to protect components from environmental conditions.

The new devices are designed to enhance the three phase motor control circuits in electro-hydrostatic applications (EHA) such as critical flight controls for aircraft.

Other applications include aircraft braking and refueling systems, electric vehicle motor control and ground vehicle power generation systems.

The IGBT modules come in the new HiRel INT-A-Pak 2 package, which uses an encapsulation process that protects circuitry from the harmful effects of moisture and are screened to the stringent environmental test conditions of MIL-PRF-38534, Class H.

Components screened in accordance with these specifications meet the high reliability requirements demanded by the defense contractors supplying to commercial OEMs in vital safety applications and the US military.

In addition, these IGBT modules have passed double highly-accelerated stress testing (HAST). In order to pass a HAST environmental test, IR's new HiRel INT-A-Pak 2 modules must withstand 85% relative humidity at 85°C for 200 hours.

After 200 hours the modules meet all electrical performance tests, demonstrating robustness equivalent to a metal-welded hermetic device.

The IGBT modules contain six IGBT switches in a three phase bridge configuration, or two switches per module in a single phase half bridge configuration.

The modules also contain Zener gate protection and operate over the full temperature range of -55°C to +125°C.

The G300HHCK12P2 half-bridge module is rated at 1200V, 300A while the G450HHBK06P2 is rated at 600V, 450A.

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